Troubleshooting Your Keto Plan

Here are a few tips that will help you on your way if you get stuck.

Pick a day and start your keto diet by limiting the amount of carbs you consume so that glucose levels drop greatly, and your body starts to burn fat for energy.

As soon as you can, head to your local health store and grab some MCT oil, use the recipe for bullet proof coffee and have that first thing in the morning to give you more focus to stay on track on your diet.

Get rid of any remaining glucose in your body by exercising a little. A brisk 15-minute walk is all you need to jump start your body to producing ketones.

The keto diet is all about good fats. We covered a whole lot about good fats and the best one. Get your fridge stocked today.

Combine intermittent fasting as soon as you can for quick results. The first week you have experienced a huge loss in weight due to water drop.

Start with a simple fast of only eating between 10am and 7pm. Drink green tea in between.

Consume protein is small amounts only. Don’t starve yourself of every nutrient. Re-visit the supplements chapter for quick recap.

Buy keto strips from Amazon or your local health store and test yourself and test yourself each day to see where you are and adjust where needed.

Initially, it will be tough to adapt to and you may have to endure the keto flu for the first few days. Don’t lose hope. If you stick with it, the symptoms will pass.


What to Do If You Cannot Fast Intermittently?

You and your friends started intermittent fasting together. However, only friends are seeing the benefits and have lost 10lbs.

You on the other hand haven’t seen any progress, and it could be down to one or more reasons.

  • Starting right away – Jumping into intermittent fasting is just the same as jumping into a pit of fire. You are clearly going to fail. If you’re eating every couple of hours it will be harder to start eating every 6 hours. Start with a 12hr fast two weeks into keto and you will be fine.
  • Not planning correctly – Your window and fasting times are different from everyone else. If you work nights and don’t eat from 7pm till 7am, you will burn out. Instead fast when you get home till you go back to work the next day.
  • Eat during your window – If you are not eating what you are supposed to eat during you window, you may put on more weight instead. Your window is your window so eat when you are hungry.
  • Look out for what you eat – Your window is your window but keep an eye on what you eat. Fasting doesn’t mean you need to take a trip down McDonalds, instead look at what foods you are allowed to eat as part of your keto diet.
  • Dehydration – Intermittent fasting is about not consuming calories during your fasting window. This doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated with enough water.

You will at times feel the hunger creeping in. Acknowledge it and occupy yourself with something else to do besides eating.

After a while, the hunger will pass. Usually, people get hungry around the times that they’re used to eating. Once you’ve passed that time, the hunger will dissipate and only return later.

It always comes in waves. So, just aim to get over the wave… and you’ll make it through a few more hours until the next wave. With time, your appetite will decrease, and you’ll not have to deal with hunger pangs anymore.

Take the time to build up your fasting windows, let your body get used to it and you will thrive.

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