Foods to Avoid

You may think that you know everything there is about what foods you can and cannot eat. However, there are several foods that pass the keto test, but are not quite there yet.

They look good, but in reality, they’re not in alignment with the keto diet. Let’s look at these ‘suspicious’ foods and why you should avoid them.

  • Mayonnaise – This contains vegetable oil which contains a lot of unhealthy fats.
  • Chicken – It just doesn’t contain enough fat because it is a lean meat. If you are going to eat chicken, then eat chicken wings as they contain some fat.
  • Sugar free sweets – Are they really? When you read the ingredients, you may notice that they may contain maltitol that increases your blood sugar levels. AVOID at all cost!
  • Salad dressings – Any dressing that needs contains canola oil, soybean oil, or sunflower oil needs to be avoided.
  • Vegetables – For years everyone from your parents to the media have been preaching that veggies are important. That is true, but not all vegetables are suited for the keto diet.

Avoid root grown vegetables, white potatoes, etc. that contain starch. These will just make you feel bloated.

  • Nuts – Nuts are high in omega-6 which is what we don’t want in our diet so try and stick to macadamia and pecan nuts.

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