Basics of Ketosis

In this chapter, we’ll discuss why you need to get into ketosis, and what benefits can be derived from it. Besides giving your brain and body unlimited energy which results in higher physical and mental endurance, there are several other benefits too.

Benefits of Ketosis

You may have a different agenda but here are the best benefits according to research as to why people go into ketosis.

Ketosis is all about burning fat, and since the hormone insulin is so low, you’ll burn fat at a much higher rate.

You’ll feel less hungry, but still have an appetite. While you’ll need to cut out most carbohydrate foods, you’ll still be able to enjoy fatty foods like bacon.

The keto diet is not as harsh as the paleo diet. There is some degree of flexibility and you can still eat a lot of the fatty foods you love.

It was mentioned earlier how boxer Tyson Fury lost 140 pounds with the keto diet. The man was a walking fat burning machine and eating burger patties as part of this diet.

He wasn’t starving or struggling to eat bland, boring foods. That’s one of the benefits of the keto diet. You won’t have to sacrifice your taste buds. Eating can still be fun.

Once you have ketosis activated and eat the right foods – the weight will drop off.

  • Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

This might surprise you, but by being on the ketogenic diet you have the ability to regulate your blood sugar levels. Some people have even been able to reverse their condition completely.

Even if you don’t have type 2 diabetes, you can prevent the disease by simply being on the ketogenic diet.

  • Mental Focus

When you are in a state of ketosis, the brain will function on an effective fuel called ketones.

People often experience increased energy when in ketosis which gives you more focus and concentration as the ketones are constantly flowing to the brain throughout the time you are in ketosis.

  • Endurance

When your body uses carbohydrates for energy, this will only last for a couple of hours. However, your fat stores contain enough energy to last you a few weeks or even months.

In a state of ketosis, your body will have access to the energy that your fat stores can provide. FINALLY, you’re now able to effectively target the stubborn fat that you just couldn’t seem to burn off before!

  • Controlling Epilepsy

In early 20th century the ketogenic diet was used on children to control epilepsy. It was so successful that adults today are using it to control epilepsy without the use of drugs.

There are many more benefits, but these are a few of the reasons why people want to go on the diet.

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